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There is a long list of ISO standards you will need to implement in your company and you must be aware by now that it will take quite some time and resources. Fortunately, we will be able to help you with them, and this includes implementing ISO 9001 in Oklahoma.

At IQC The ISO Pros of Oklahoma, we have been helping companies from all industries and of all sizes to get certified in several standards.

We want to make sure you are able to comply with mandatory requirements and legal regulations, but also bring value and improvement to your company thanks to the ISOs you implement and get certified in.

Therefore, if you are looking for services to support you in this or experts that can help you to get certified, you are in the right place. Our services are available throughout the state and you can rest assured we will get to your company no matter the city where you are located.

With that said, keep in mind we offer implementation and certification but also auditing that can be performed in your company or third parties. If you are interested in any, we have a wide range to cover all your needs:

  • Outsourced Internal Auditing. We perform internal audits as a third party after you have performed your own. This is intending to find any irregularities that you might have missed.
  • Virtual Internal Audits. We can conduct audits without handling paperwork nor dealing with face-to-face meetings, but this is mostly for internal audits only.
  • Second Party Audits. You can request an audit to be performed on a supplier to determine its compliance with regulations if it can guarantee customer satisfaction and its performance level.
  • Supplier Audits. Helps to determine if a supplier can offer high-quality products and services based on the requirements and regulations it should be in compliance with to continue in businesses.
  • Compliance Audits. These are independent audits you can request to determine if you comply with all ISO standards, mandatory requirements, and legal regulations to demonstrate reliability and continue operating as a business.
  • Pre-assessment Audits. We are able to perform audits before your official auditing to get certified in an ISO standard to determine if you comply with all the requirements in the document.
  • Supplier Evaluation. We will determine if a supplier is a good fit for your business based on its performance, results, products, services, quality, production, and many other aspects.
  • Documentation Audit/Desk Audit. You can determine if an employee is getting properly paid for his or her work in the company by evaluating the role and work that is getting done.

ISO certifications available in Oklahoma

With the types of audits we can perform for you clear, we want you to keep in mind all the ISO certifications you can access from any city in the state:

– Aerospace AS9101: provides the guidelines to prepare the company for an audit process to determine if a quality management system in the aerospace industry complies with all mandatory requirements and standards.

– Aerospace AS9102: offers the requirements for the First Article Inspection of components and products from aerospace companies.

– Anti-Bribery ISO 37001: companies can address the need for an anti-bribery system to prevent any risks, threats, and briberies from taking place in their systems and find solutions for those that couldn’t be prevented.

– Asset Management ISO 55001: the requirements in the ISO allow companies to have control over the lifecycle of assets, processes, and prevent risks as well as reduce costs and bring improvement.

– Automotive Core Tools (APQP, AQP, PPAP, FMEA, SPC, MSA, R&M): each core tool can help an automotive company to improve its processes in a different way and boost communication between the supplier and customer in the supply chain.

– Body Armor BA 9000: companies that manufacture and provide body armor and equipment can improve their quality but it is not a mandatory standard to offer them in the market.

– Counterfeits AS6081: helps aerospace companies to prevent counterfeit and fraudulent electronic parts from entering the supply chain thanks to the measures taken by following the guidelines.

– Energy ISO 50001 and SEP: the standard provides requirements to establish an efficient and cost-effective energy system while SEP or Superior Energy Performance is a compliance program to help to achieve better results.

– Ethical Sourcing SQFI: guarantees that companies obtain their products and services through a responsible and sustainable process, especially those in the food industry.

 – Facility Management ISO 41001: allows companies to establish a framework that helps them to develop, implement, and maintain efficient and effective facilities management in a wide range of industries and sectors.

– Food Safety Modernization Act FDA FSMA: the guidelines and requirements focus on preventing and addressing foodborne illnesses instead of approaching them after they are already present.

– Food Safety ISO 22000: helps companies to establish healthy and safe processes to obtain the final products to guarantee they are optimum to offer in the market.

– Gluten-Free Certification (GFC): companies that want to offer gluten-free products need to comply with all the regulations in the document and get certified to be authorized for it.

– Forestry SFI ATFS (Sustainable Forestry): created by a non-profit and the world’s largest forestry certification to encourage companies to protect green areas and use less space or the necessary one to prevent losing more trees and ecosystems.

– International Traffic in Arms Regulations, ITAR: provides all the regulations to control the export of defense and military-related equipment and technologies made in the USA.

– Laboratory Accreditation ISO 17025: companies need to demonstrate competence and responsibility by complying with the regulations in the ISO and get certified in it to offer their services to the public.

– Packaging ISO 15378: the requirements guarantee that pharmaceuticals and medical device companies use high-quality materials for the primary packaging of their products.

– Responsible Care RC14001: orients companies to work with no accidents, harm, or any type of injuries, and meet legal regulations. It also helps to boost areas related to health, environment, safety, and security performance to bring more value their way.

– Supply Chain ISO 28000: focuses on establishing a security system in the supply chain to address all the defective, low-quality, and fraudulent parts or products that might enter it without proper control.

– Telecommunications TL 9000: guides ICT companies to design and develop valuable services and products that can meet customer satisfaction and fulfill all mandatory requirements for the industry.

– Audit Management Systems ISO 19011: all companies that want to create, conduct and improve audit processes need to implement and get certified in the ISO.

Why get ISO certifications for your company

Every ISO brings benefits and improvement regardless of the system they are focused on or their main objective. As a result, companies are able to boost their growth and bring more value to their processes, products, and services.

Therefore, if you want to stay competitive and relevant, you will need to implement a few ISOs that are mandatory to also comply with some regulations. However, those ISOs that are voluntary and entirely implemented for the company’s future will also be a great influence on your success.

At IQC The ISO Pros of Oklahoma, we will help you in every step and make sure you not only implement them properly but also get certified and are able to understand the ISO to deal with future problems and changes.

Leave everything to our experts and contact us today no matter your location in the state.

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