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Implementing different ISO standards for your company in Seminole will require experts that understand their extension and can also get you certified after this process is over. Fortunately, our team at IQC The ISO Pros of Oklahoma can assist you with a wide range of them: ISO 9001, ISO 20000, and many more.

But before getting to the implementation process, how can you know what ISO your company needs?

In our experience, companies that do not have experience implementing or working with them should start with those that are completely mandatory.

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ISO 9001 qualifies for this since it establishes requirements that all companies involved in the supply chain of any industry or if they are manufacturers, need to comply with in order to continue in business. This one, in particular, is aimed at quality management focused on customer satisfaction out of all the aspects considered in this area.

Its implementation is crucial for most businesses not only to comply with regulations but also to bring improvement to processes and with them, to products and services. ISO 9001 is a process standard, which means that all guidelines are focused on the processes involved in obtaining the products and services you offer to your clients instead of being aimed at the final results.

By the time you finish implementing it, your processes should allow you to obtain results that satisfy your clients’ needs. Now, this is only one of the many mandatory ISOs you can consider for your company.

And although many are just implemented in any type of business regardless of its size, others are regulatory but for certain industries and companies in specific. IATF 16949 is an automotive normative that is also for quality management. However, only automotive companies need to implement it to get certified.

Also, the objectives and topics are not for customer satisfaction alone but rather for the safety and real quality of the products and components provided by the company. Just like this one, other ISOs are specialized for certain quality management systems and many other areas in your business.

What are ISO 50001 and SEP?

One of the most requested certifications among companies in Seminole is not something related to quality nor security. Instead, organizations worry about their energy systems and want to do their best to save resources and make their companies more efficient when it comes to energy.

For this, an efficient and effective system is required along with a well-designed framework that is harmonized with the company’s needs and objectives in this area. ISO 50001 is a primary standard for energy systems that provides not only an efficient framework but also a cost-effective one.

This means companies can implement it and obtain results such as reducing waste, improving processes while using less energy, and having more efficiency in all processes and systems. Now, SEP stands for “Superior Energy Performance” and the guidelines in this program can help to boost the results you obtain for your energy system.

At IQC The ISO Pros of Oklahoma, we are quite familiar with both elements: the ISO and the program. Therefore, you can rely on us for the implementation and also certification.

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